Past Shows

Date Venue City w/
2017/08/12 Amsterdam Bar & Hall St. Paul Ex-Cult Busey Lutheran Heat
2017/07/26 Kitty Cat Klub Minneapolis Celica
2017/07/13 Viking Bar Minneapolis DJ Christy Costello
2017/07/02 Triple Rock Social Club Minneapolis A Giant Dog Teenage Moods France Camp
2017/05/07 Triple Rock Social Club Minneapolis Fury Things Murf United Teachers of Music Celica DJ Christy Costello
2017/04/07 Hexagon Bar Minneapolis The Acetates Animal Lover New Primals
2017/03/25 Grumpy's Downtown Minneapolis Jim and the French Vanilla
2017/03/11 Seward Cafe Minneapolis Spells Low Forms Nato Coles
2017/02/06 Memory Lanes Minneapolis Sass Speedweed
2016/12/09 Reverie Cafe + Bar Minneapolis The Florists Yeah Wings Swimsuit Area
2016/10/16 Hexagon Bar Minneapolis The Broken Bicycles Swimsuit Area
2016/09/17 Hexagon Bar Minneapolis Mr. Yellow Blood Cookie In Corridors
2016/09/04 Triple Rock Social Club Minneapolis Cozy Black Widow
2016/08/19 American Eagles #34 Minneapolis Lutheran Heat
2016/08/05 7th St. Entry Minneapolis
2016/07/20 Triple Rock Social Club Minneapolis Technician
2016/07/07 Turf Club St. Paul Whatever Forever Nag Champion Ego Death
2016/06/29 Turf Club St. Paul Fury Things Lunch Duchess Bruise Violet Wretch Battlerat
2016/06/02 Hexagon Bar Minneapolis Swimsuit Area Ego Death Devata Daun
2016/04/08 First Avenue Minneapolis Har Mar Superstar
2016/04/07 Waiting Room Omaha Har Mar Superstar
2016/03/22 Hexagon Bar Minneapolis Color TV
2016/03/17 Turf Club St. Paul Dillinger Four Cherry Cola Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band
2016/03/03 Kitty Cat Klub Minneapolis Private Interests Electric Circus
2015/12/05 Kitty Cat Klub Minneapolis Flavor Crystals Dead Gurus Chatham Rise